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Absolutely brilliant. Crossing my fingers that I’ll work here one day. 

"In the Drosophila brain, neural stem cells called neuroblasts undergo repeated rounds of asymmetric cell division. One of the resulting daughter cells continues to divide in a stem cell-like manner while the other cell terminally divides into two differentiating neurons. During each neuroblast division, the cell fate determinants Numb, Prospero and Brat segregate into the smaller, basal daughter cell where they prevent self-renewal and induce differentiation. This happens, because the protein kinase aPKC localizes to the opposite, apical side and removes the determinants by phosphorylating their membrane localization domains. At the same time, aPKC associates with microtubule binding proteins to ensure that the mitotic spindle is set up in an apical-basal orientation. As a result, only the basal daughter cell inherits the determinants.”

Thank you Dr. Juergen Knoblich!


Renato Dulbecco — sad day for science.

Renato Dulbecco — sad day for science.


"beyond stillness" in Latin. 

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The most effective cancer-preventing beverage. Excuse for more tea?